Monday, June 29, 2009

Meet Brandy

Meet Brandy,Jack's older brother(Brandy and Jack are owned by my brother). Brandy is a cocker spaniel of about 7 years old(Sadie and Jack are 1 year). He is a home body and doesn't go many places but when I take Sadie to Jack's house he likes to join in the fun and games. Brandy has a mild case of epilepsy and Jack is the protective little brother. Before Bandy has a seizure Jack will run around wining to let his mom or dad know what is about to happen. Like I said Brandy only has a mild case( so it may only happen every 6 to 12 months and last about 3 minutes)but Brandy also knows when its about to happen to, he will run to his mom and dad to snuggle down close to them before the seizure while Jack lays on the floor making sure everything is all right. Jack and Brandy play ball together allot to they both run to see who can get to the ball first then run with it back so you can throw it again they never get tired playing ball.
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  1. you spelled brandys name wrong at the top.. doesnt look like hes changed that much. just looking a little older.


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