Sunday, June 28, 2009

Saturday adventures

On Saturday we all made our usual trip to my parent house (Midnight's house). Sadie always enjoy a good road trip.She sit and looks out the window watching the sites until she gets tired and then she takes a little nap until we get to our destination.
After we got there her and Jack sampled each others food. (when they're together they always eat out of the same dish.)
After they got done eating Sadie when to play with Midnight. (Sadie was sating on the floor while Midnight played with her ears.)
And Jack was playing some ball. Until Sadie came back to play.
After all the playing Jack and Sadie when back to finish off the rest of their food and went to layed down together for a nap until it was time to go home . Saturday is always fun for the dogs because they have so much fun together they can't wait for the next time.
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  1. Those pics are so lovely. Cherish every moment you have with your lovely pets. God bless.


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