Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween and Play Day 10/30/09

Tomorrow is Halloween and can you guess what Sadie's costume is?
Maxx and Momo are going to be chickens for Halloween.
They now refer to their house as the chicken coop .
Sadie was looking for the cats and asked" where are you cats?"and Momo popped up and said " No cats here, just chickens."
Maxx laughed so hard, her costume almost fell off.
Just in case you couldn't guess Sadie is going to be a hot dog ,a wiener,a sausage .
These are all names that we hear when Sadie goes out for a walk, so Sadie thought it would be a cute costume for her to wear for Halloween.
Sadie says " She just wants to go trick or treating."

If you want to add your link, feel free.
Have a good weekend and happy Halloween.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dachshund in a Chicken costume

Its always so cute to see animals in their Halloween costumes!

Sadie said "Let the Two Leggers have their fun ."

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wordless Wednesday 10/28/09

Just hangin with the dogs.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

When Sadie Smiles

I know this isn't a very good picture, but I wanted to get a shot of Sadie smiling.
You always know when you hit the right spot when you are giving Sadie a good scratch, because she smiles.
She has a few different spots like behind the ear, on her back, her neck and side.

Sadie says " She always like to be scratched, but when you find a good spot she will always kick fer foot and have a big smile."

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Mo Man and his Dad play the Guitar

Momo loves to listen to his dad play the guitar.
In fact the Mo Man likes to help him play guitar.
Momo says " when he grows up he is going to play to, it will just toke him longer because he doesn't have thumbs."

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Rainy Fall Day

We had a rainy fall Saturday.
After Sadie, Jack and Momo spent a short time playing, they got sleepy.
Sadie laid down by her dad for a nap.
Jack snuggled next to me.
And the little Mo Man decided the rug on the floor looked good for a nap.
Even though Buttons doesn't play with the dogs like Momo does, the rainy day even made her sleepy.
Sadie wanted to take a picture of all the wet leaves from her point of view.
Sadie said " she wanted to give you a view of what the leaves look like when you have short little legs."
She said " She likes the leaves better when they are on the ground, but she likes the leaves even more when they are dry , because she can run and jump in them and her nose doesn't get wet when she sniffs them."

Friday, October 23, 2009

Play Day 10/23/09

Have a good weekend everyone!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sadie had Fun without Her Sweater !

When Sadie woke up yesterday morning she said tho Momo " You know Mo, it seems kinda warm today. I think I'm going to go naked."
The she went out to check the back yard and then Sadie said " Yep naked sounds nice today."
So later in the afternoon Sadie played out in the back yard naked( no sweater).
She said "Although she likes her sweaters it was a really nice day yesterday, it was like 70 degrease yesterday ."
After all it was less then a week ago Sadie was leaving foot prints in the snow.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wordless Wednesday 10/21/09

Maxx loves playing in the cupboard.

Happy W.W. everyone!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Feeding Sadie Part two

we had a few good suggestions for getting Sadie to eat.
Our friend Miley said "She like it when her mom puts warm water on her food."
So that's what I did, I put warm water on Sadie's food.
It didn't work.
Sadie just said " All I was doing was making my finger messy when I feed her."
Momo on the other hand loved it.
He said " It brings out the meaty scent."

Our fiend Kris Said to try a raw diet, her dog and cat can't get enough of it.
I have tried many natural food but I never tried the raw diet, I might give that a try.

Our fiend Twix wants to know how to train her mom to hand feed her too.
Sadie says " It takes time to train people right, you have to not touch you food all day, then watch them very close when they are eating, and finally you have to give them the look. You know the one, the on that says PPLLLEEASE. And if you need any other help tricking or training your Two Leggers you can also ask Frankie. He might know some more trick"

Monday, October 19, 2009

Feeding Sadie

Most people think it is easy to feed a dog and it is .
Get a dog dish and put food in it.
But they never fed Sadie.
Sadie will gladly eat treat or steal Jack's food.
And I tried giving her the same food Jack eats, but when Jack isn't eating it, she won't eat it either.
But the only way I can get her to eat her dog food is to get down on the floor and pick the food up one by one until I hold up the piece she wants to eat.
So it takes me a little more time to feed Sadie.
We have tried several different dog foods and I even put her food in the microwave. ( because warm food smells more and dogs and cat want to eat it then.)
Sadie says " She is every formal and wants her food served, instead of just eating it from her dish."

Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Strange Saturday

We went to my parent's house, just like any other Saturday.
But when we got there, what was left of the flowers looked like this.
Sadie Asked " Is that marshmallow on the flowers ?"
So Sadie did some snooper vising....
She said " It was cold and white and it didn't have much of a smell."
Then her paws started to get cold and she said said "It's SNOW??!!"
So we headed in the house where it was warm. (Sadie doesn't like when it is cold)
We do live in North East PA and do get snow, but not this early in the year.
That's what made it so strange.
After Jack got there and confirmed that the white stuff outside was really SNOW, it was play time.
Jack got up on the couch , he was looking all around.
Sadie discovered that Momo was playing a game of chance with Jack.
Jack was surprised to find Momo got better at the game of chase.

It snowed all day at my parent's house.
It snowed most of the weekend.
Its supposed to snow today.
The snow didn't stick to the roads, but it did build up on the trees and with the leaves still on the trees a lot of branches broke off the trees.

It's supposed to return to normal temperature latter in the week.
But it was still strange to see it snow so early in the year.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Play Day 10/16/09

Come join us for Play Day!

Have a good weekend everybody!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

When Kittens Attack Dachshunds

Momo plays this game with Sadie all the time.
He calls it "I got your tail !"

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sadie's Hidden Obsession

Sadie has a hidden obsession, she loves cat toys!
You see we had Maxx before Sadie came to live with us, and of course Maxx had toys.
But Maxx had a special place for her toys.
And now that Momo lives with us, with him being a little kitten, his toys are all over the place.
Sadie says " If there is a toy on the floor it has to be hers."
So Sadie now spends a lot of her time playing with cat toys.
( Her Wubba is still her favorite toy though)
She says " She likes the ones with the bells om them."
Sadie also asks "Why does cat nip have an affect on cats and not on her?"
I tell her because it is for cats, but I really don't know.

Sadie didn't want to tell her dog friends that she plays with cat toys, But I told her they would understand a toy is a toy even if it is made for a cat.
Oh and do you remember when Sadie went shopping for a gift for Momo the night before he came home, Sadie says The toy she bought for Momo is now hers."

Monday, October 12, 2009

Our New friend Gave Us an Award.

Our new friend Kat from Candles, Crafts and What ever gave us this great award.
She has a nice blog about candles, crafts and she also post jokes and stuff .
Katy loves a good chuckle to, so stop by and say hi.

In the rules you are suppose to give it to fifteen new friends , but we are going to cheat a little bit.

We like so many blog and would like to share it with our older friends too.
So if your an old friend, or a new friend, Please take our award and leave your link below.
I hope all of our friends enjoy our award!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Our Saturday Adventure

We went to my parent"s house, like we usually do on Saturday.
Sadie had a nice visit with her grandparents.
Sadie says " She loves to sit on her granddad's lap."
Then after Jack got there and they played a little bit, it was time to have something to eat.
And event though I didn't get a picture of it, Momo was having a bite to eat with the pack.
And yes it was dog food he was eating.
Momo says " He likes the meaty flavor."
After every body ate it was play time again.
And while the other cats where off doing cat things, Momo played with the dogs.
Momo says " Dogs play the I got your tail game the best."
He even taught the game to Jack.
Sadie watched over Momo the whole time too, because Jack never played the I got your tail game with a kitten before.
After all of the playing and running with the dogs The Mo Man was tired and needed to take a nap, so he headed in to the arms of a human for his nap.
Momo might play hard like a dog, but he still needs to have his cat naps.
While Sadie watched over her kitten the whole time until she finally took a nap too.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Pay Day Oct.09,09

If you would like to join us for Play Day, just post a picture of playing and post your link below, or if you just want to link to us, just post your link below.

Have a great weekend everybody!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Little Bit of Peanut Butter Helps the Medicine Go Down

Sadie says " A little bit of peanut butter helps the medicine go down."
It usually isn't hard to give Sadie medicine.
Just put it in peanut butter.
Sadie used to take her medicine right away, just as long as it was in peanut butter.
But now I have to put it on my finger and let her lick it off my finger now.
But what ever it takes, she is taking it.

Although she has a few more days of her medicine left, Sadie is feeling much better.

And Sadie wants to say " Thank you for your well wishes for her and Momo too."

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Naps are Better with a Buddy

Sadie was just saying" naps are better with a buddy."
Sadie and Momo on occasion are napping together now.
First their dad lays down on the couch, then Sadie lays next to him, and then Mo cuddles next to Sadie.

And sometimes Momo just wants to play his new favorite game, Mo calls it " I got your tail."
But Momo is just a little guy and will play just about any game.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Midnight has a New Friend

Ok, I know I haven't mentioned Midnight for a little while, so just in case you don't remember who Midnight is, she is the cat that resides at my parent's house.
And Midnight has a new little friend ( little sister) named Buttons.

Since Momo and Sadie haven't been feeling that well, we haven't had a chance to go to my parents house and meet Buttons, but since Momo is feeling better and we called to see if Jack was going to be there (Sadie has to stay away from him so he doesn't get sick) we went to my parent house yesterday.
Buttons is about Momo's age, about six to seven weeks old ,and has made quite an addition to the family.
Midnight just loves having someone to play with, and my parents are having a lot of fun with her to.
Buttons is quite happy to be there to, and is making my parent's house her home to.
And most likely be mentioned in our Saturday Adventures a lot.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sadie has the Siffles

We had another trip to the Vet, this time for Sadie.
Sadie kept saying " I feel fine, I don't want to go see the Vet!"
But we took her anyway.
You see Sadie was sneezing and coughing and I get a little nervous went this happens, because when she was a pup, she had pneumonia.
So despite her protest we called the vet right away.
The vet says Sadie has a bit of kennel cough. ( the sniffles)
Now you might be wondering if Sadie got the sniffles from Momo, but since Momo is a cat and Sadie is a dog, Sadie wouldn't be able to get the sniffles from Momo.
The vet said " Sadie probably got the sniffles the night that she went shopping for a gift for Mo."
The vet also said " There was probably another dog in the pet store that had the sniffles and even though we didn't see him the germs where still there."
So Sadie is on medicine now for her sniffles and even though she has only had one dose she is doing a little better.
And Momo is doing a lot better too, he and Sadie are getting along great too.
Maxx Says " She is still taking it slow." but I think they are on the road to being friends.

By the way this is our 100th post!
We want to say " thank you to all of you who stop by our blog, we have made a lot of great Internet friends, and we love your comment too!"
Thanks Guys!!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Play Day 10/2/09

Have a great Weekend everyone!
If you would like to join us for our Play Day, just add your link below.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Meet and Greet

The meet and greet with Sadie and Momo went great.
Sadie and Momo had a few days to really get to know each other without Maxx.
(Because Momo had to stay away from Maxx when he was sick)
Sadie and Mo get along great.
In fact they wanted to share these pictures with you, these pictures are from the night we brought Momo home.
Sadie says "Hes a pretty swell guy."
Maxx on the other hand Just met Mo last night.
Maxx was curious at first.
Then she thought she would give Mo some space and watch him with some distance between them.
Maxx said "he has a lot to learn."
She says " The force is strong with this one."
She says "She wants to train Momo to be a Cat Jedi."
What ever that means.
But Maxx said " Sadie will be his Obi One Ken obi."
Then she said that "She will be his Master Yoda."
So for now Sadie has been spending a lot of time with him.
I just hope Maxx doesn't turn to the Dark Side.
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