Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wow What a Weekend

We had a great weekend.
Guess what we found in the back yard, its suppose to get a little colder this week but we don't care because we have found proof that spring is here.
Oh and more proof of spring we have also seen geese as they fly over head on their way north.

We had our usual weekend with the grandpawents and playing Jack on Saturday, but this weekend we did something a little different.
On Friday Sadie, her dad and I went to see a very close and dear friend of mine and her new little puppy.( Look how tiny she is)
The Puppy's name is Daphene and she is a four month old Chihuahua, she is suppose to have long hair but her hair hasn't grown in yet.
We already knew that us humans were friends and would get along fine because we had been friends for many years, but Sadie had never met little puppy Daphene before, so we decided that it would be best for them to meet outside on neutral ground.
And their meeting went great, Sadie now has a new little friend to play with, although we have to watch Sadie with Daphene a little more because she isn't used to being the big dog and could get a little to ruff.
Sadie said " She loved playing with little Daphene and had so much fun, but you sure do get tired chasing after a puppy."

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sadie: No Public Bathrooms for Dogs

In case you can't guess this is me, Sadie and I have a complaint about my TWO LEGGERS .

When I'm out for my walkies sometimes things happen like, you know what you put in has to come out.
And even though my two legger servants always clean it up, they try to make me wait till I get to the hole to do what a dog has to do.
I mean its not always easy to walk, check pee mail, wag your tail and be all cute and stuff when you have to make room for more treats.
And I might add I'm not the only dog that has this problem, I'm I?

In case you were wondering this is the hole.
If you are familiar with the coal mining areas you will know its a stripping hole, there is an old abandoned coal breaker and rail road tracks and the tracks are stilled used by a near by industrial park .

So I ask does it really matter if I leave a little present on the sidewalk.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Things Momo do Over the Weekend

we had weekly trip to the grandpawrents house this weekend, but Jack wasn't there, his dad had to work so they didn't come this weekend.
Even though Momo is a cat he still plays with and looks forward to spending time with Jack.

So while Sadie spent her Saturday hang out with her family and when Mo wasn't pouncing on the grandpawrent's kitten, Button, He found ways to amuse himself.
He had a lot of fun playing with a crazy bounce ball that makes a funny noise every time it moves.
Then he also though it was funny to look out the back door window with his dad when we had Sadie out side.

We had a cold rainy weekend with a lot of strong winds, so when Sadie and I where outside and with the leaves and stuff blowing in the wind, Momo thought it was really funny .

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Why do I have to Wear a Collar Anyway

If you look at the picture above you will notice that Momo doesn't have a collar on.
He has had two collars in one week, he takes them off and plays with them until they are broke.
He runs around the house yelling " I'm free, free as a bird! "

This is Mo with his third collar, we had a talk with him and he seems to be keeping it on.
We told him that having a collar on makes him look hansom.
He said " I'm hansom without the collar."
We told him that having a collar makes him look charming.
He said " I have natural charm."
Then we told him that he has valuable information on his collar that would help him get home if he ever got lost.
So he has agreed to wear his collar at least for now.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What We've been Up to

The first thing we have been up to was Sadie grandparent's computer broke, it was a our computer before we upgraded to a laptop and it was about nine years old so it really needed to be upgraded .
So I went computer shopping with the grandparents, and then once they got one Sadie and I went to set it up for them.

Needless to say after all the computer stuff Sadie needed some Sadie time.
We have been having some really nice weather here the past few days with highs in the low fifties and can you believe most of our snow is gone, so we took Sadie for a long walk, while Momo sat in the window watching for us to get back.
Sadie Said " even though the grass is still brown and yucky, she enjoyed being able to walk freely down the sidewalk without having to walk around the snow piles.

Another thing that made this walk so different for Sadie was that we took a tip from our friend Captain and got a Puppia harness for her.
We would prefer Sadie to wear a harness because we know that dachshunds are prone to back problems and a harness would take some of the pressure of her neck and back.
We have had harnesses for her in the past but she would always chew them apart while she had them on.
But so far she seems to be doing well with this one .
So after Sadie had her dinner and Mo had his snack they had ice cream.

A local Ice cream place makes ice cream cups for dogs and cats, they call them kitty cups and doggy cups.
The doggy cups are topped with biscuits and the kitty cups are topped with cat food, kinda like sprinkles.
Maxx and Momo each got a kitty cup and Sadie got a doggy cup.
This was Momo's first taste of ice cream, so he had to taste Sadie's ice cream to see which one he liked better.
He decided he likes them both.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Making the Bed

We figure since we have complained about all the snow we had in February, the last couple of day, which by the way is melting quite nicely, we would talk about a place that is always warm and cozy and Sadie wanted to tell you how she helps change the sheets on the bed since she loves to be in bed anyway.

First Sadie starts by taking the old sheets off the bed.

Then once the old sheets are off, she starts to put the clean sheets on the bed.

This part gets tricky when you don't have thumbs, but you have to try to get the wrinkles out so the sheets could lay nice and flat.

But a good belly rub from dad while he sings The Belly Song is always a good reward and makes up for the hard work of making the bed and even the not having thumbs thing.

Oh you might be asking what we call The Bell Song.
When Sadie's dad rubs her belly, she likes him to sing to her " Rubbing the belly. Rubbing the Beeeellllyyy."
Sadie loves the song and doesn't feel he has given her a proper belly rub without the song.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

So Much to Do

We are sorry we haven't posted much lately but February has been a busy month for us.
Not that we have had anything special going on, but as Sadie puts it " Did we do something to make Mother Nature mad at us ?"
We have had a few winter storms, but from two of the storms we have had over three feet of snow and Sadie's grandparents live in a higher elevation and they have had about four feet of snow with some pretty high snow drifts so there was a lot of shoveling going on here.

But what has been keeping Sadie, Momo and Maxx so busy is that their dad and I have been sick, which meant that we were trying to rest a lot and they felt the need to cuddle a lot to make us feel better.
The good news is that all the cuddling worked and Their dad and I are stating to feel a bit better, and the snow is starting to melt too.

One thing Sadie and Maxx didn't care for other than the snow, is that February is the month that they have their annual check up at the vet's office.

Sadie went first and the vet said she is really looks good but she was due for a shot, the vet was really quick when giving her the shot and let her stand up on her back legs and give me a hug while she tried to hide her face in my hair.
Sadie said " Being held by me when she got her shot made the hole thing a little better ."

Maxx went second and is in good heath to but needed to get two shots, the vet let me hold her to when she got her shots.
Our vet was pleased to see Maxx's O.C.D. seems to be under control a bit to, although there is some signs on her belly that show she has been licking it to much, she still has a lot of fur left on it.
Usually Maxx starts to lick all the hair off her belly and back legs when the leaves start to fall off the trees and she usually get worse when she sees the snow falling.
Maxx says " She doesn't like see things falling from the sky."
But even with all the snow we have had, she still has hair on her belly, we thing having The Mo Man around is helping her with her O.C.D.
Mo says " he is happy to help."
Our vet said that usually a cat with O.C.D. doesn't do well when you bring another cat into the house, but Maxx seems to be doing better with Momo around.

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