Thursday, September 10, 2009

Are You Ready For Football

First off we want to say that, we hope we don't offend any of our friends.
But, Sadie and Maxx's dad was born an Eagle's fan.( Sadie and I are Bears fans)
He has many good memories of going to Veterans stadium with his brother and his dad to see the Eagles play.

Sadie says there are reasons to still like the Eagles, like:
her dad likes them.
The Lincoln Financial Field( their new stadium) is one of the greenest stadium.
her dad likes them.
Brian Westbrook is an awesome running back.
The Linc recycles almost all of their waste, and uses renewable energy.
her dad likes them.
Swoop their mascot.( Maxx likes Swoop)

And did Sadie mention her dad is an Eagles fan.

Today is the first game of the NFL season,(the Eagle are playing Sunday) and yesterday was Sadie and Maxx's Dad's birthday.
One of the things that he wanted for his birthday was a picture of Sadie in her Eagles jersey, but Sadie was just a little pup last year when we got it, so it doesn't fit any more.
So Maxx was eager to step in as Sadie's double for the picture, but Maxx gets an evil grin every time someone mentions their mascot Swoop. (I don't know what that is about)
Maxx mentioned something the one time about sneaking in to the Eagle's locker room to play with Swoop. (but then she had an evils smile on her face)
Maybe she thinks it will be easier to blend in with the player, she really wants to play with Swoop.(Maxx loves Swoop)

Oh, and Sadie wanted to tell you about her blankie.
This is her blanket that she keeps it in her kennel to sleep on.
the funny thing is that her dad had just gotten before we got Sadie, but after Sadie came to live with us, she claimed it for her own.
As for the jersey, I told Sadie that if the Bears go to the Super Bowl this year, maybe she can get a Bears jersey.
So lets go Bears!

Happy Birthday Terry!
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  1. Uh oh, Sadie... Me, Pimp and Moo are Cowboys fans!! We can still be friends, though, right? :)

  2. Hi, nice to meet you. We are all Bears fans at our house, and only living about 1hr or so from chicago!!!
    Go Bears!!

    Tail wags


  4. Sadie and Maxx
    You both look quite nice in your Eagles attire.
    Madi and I don't watch NFL football. We'll pull for your Eagles because Mom's high school was the ENLOE EAGLES.
    Madi and Mom

  5. Hi, Sadie!
    Happy Birthday to your Dad!
    Good luck to your teams!
    Kisses and hugs

  6. Sadie, Mom just made me put on a jersey for our team so she could take some pictures. The photos will be up tomorrow so you can check them out. You look priceless in that photo, and Maxx is pretty cute too! Tell your daddy Happy Barkday!

  7. Happy Birthday to your Dad. You look so cute in that shirt.

  8. Hi Sadie,

    Mommy has never cared for professional football but after Michael Vick got back into the NFL she won't watch professional football anymore. We are Texas A & M fans, since Dashies Rule are too.

    We love your pictures.


  9. Morning Sadie and Maxx,
    Happy Friday. How did your Eagles do?
    Madi and Mom


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