Thursday, September 17, 2009

Get in Your Kennel

Sadie still sleeps in her kennel.
She sleeps with her sleeping buddy, we call him Cellie.
(She has Cellie tucked behind her in this picture)
Although I let her get up on the bed with us in the morning, she like sleeping in her kennel.
Its kinda like her own little den.
She says its her place to meditate.
( I can hear her snoring)
She says its her thinking place.
(But I can hear her snoring)
She says its a private place to do yoga.
(But I can hear her snoring)

This is Sadie running up the steps to get in her kennel.
She must love her kennel.


  1. Sadie,
    I sleep in my Kennel too at night time. It is BIG and I am plenty of room to sprawl out and sleep quite comfortable and with about 5 soft blanky and my own pink pillow, there is NO better place I'd rather sleep. I wuv it!!


  2. Everybody needs their own space to snore.. urmm.. to meditate.. to snore.. urmm.. i mean to do yoga.. to snore.. urmm.. i mean to sleep.. hehhehehee.. Sadie is such a cutie when she runs up the stairs.. :)

  3. Sadie that is a nice place to get away.A little quiet time when ever it is needed.
    Have a good day.

  4. Kareltje hate his kennel
    he sit only in it when he goes to the vet :(
    Lovely picture from Sadie :)))

  5. The pups like their kennel most of the time too! They sometimes just get in it for no reason!

    You sure look cute going up those stairs!

    xo martine

  6. Sadie we all need our private space!!! Sounds like yours needs some soundproofing. LOL
    I love the video of the famous Doxie step climbing butt. Too cute. But then everything about a Doxie is cute.
    Madi and Mom

  7. What a cute little Sadie butt bounding up the steps!

    It's important to have a place to your own that the humans can't invade, you know... A human could take up too much bed, but no silly human would take up too much kennel! ;)

  8. That's cute, her own secret hide-a-way :)

  9. Hi, Sadie!
    Sure is nice to have your own place to do... whatever you want, right??
    I like to go under the bed to meditate... but just for a few minutes!
    I loved your video!
    Kisses and hugs

  10. Sadie,

    It looks warm in there,


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  11. Hi Sadie,

    I like to sleep with my Mommy at night but I do all my meditating on my big brown chair in front of the patio door while Mommy is a work.

    The pic of you with the red bow is gorgeous. We went and voted and will every morning.

    Do you have a pic of you with flowers so I can spotlight you on one of my dailey posts? If you like to be my honored quest please send us a pic.

    Yep, being with a lot of dachsies is my idea of heaven and Mommy's too. You gotta come over and check out all the doggies in our last couple of posts.


    ps...did I ever tell you that my Mommy's name is Sarah but the family calls her Sadie?

  12. Sadie Mom and I wanted to let you know the Blog Buddie award will be featured on Saturday's blog. Which will be posted late this afternoon through Saturday afternoon. Thank you again Madi and Mom

  13. Sadie, I like to go in my kennel when mom and dad leave for work. I sleep in the big bed with both of them and I know they love having me in there! BOL!


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