Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Cold Winter Saturday

It was cold on Saturday and my parents live on the top of a mountain which made it a little colder. But that didn't stop Sadie and Jack from playing.
Since it is a little colder there they have a little more snow too.
Sadie doesn't usually like the snow much, but since this year we made her coat and it fits her better, she wants to play in the snow. So Sadie and Jack went outside to romp and play in the snow.
Although I have to admit I never cared much for the cold, but it is nice to see Sadie and Jack have some fun.


  1. Sadie Lady you and Jack look like you are having a grrrreat time in the snow. I am sure it is that nice warm coat that your mom made for you.
    Gee, your grandma and grandpa live on top of a mountain??? So does my sister Lori. She gets LOTS of snow up there too.
    Enjoy your play time.

  2. Hi, Sadie!
    I know your and Jack had lots of fun playing in the snow!
    Being warmer sure helped a lot, rigth?
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Sadie, you and Jack are very handsome, ready to go on your walk!

  4. Hi Sadie,
    You and Jack had on some very nice coats for
    walking about in the snow. Did your footies get cold? I'm just see I don't go out so I don't know. I'm under house arrest for life I guess but that is ok it looks pretty cold outside and in NC it has been raining for 40 days and 40 nights and I don't like getting wet.
    Madi and Mom


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