Tuesday, March 2, 2010

So Much to Do

We are sorry we haven't posted much lately but February has been a busy month for us.
Not that we have had anything special going on, but as Sadie puts it " Did we do something to make Mother Nature mad at us ?"
We have had a few winter storms, but from two of the storms we have had over three feet of snow and Sadie's grandparents live in a higher elevation and they have had about four feet of snow with some pretty high snow drifts so there was a lot of shoveling going on here.

But what has been keeping Sadie, Momo and Maxx so busy is that their dad and I have been sick, which meant that we were trying to rest a lot and they felt the need to cuddle a lot to make us feel better.
The good news is that all the cuddling worked and Their dad and I are stating to feel a bit better, and the snow is starting to melt too.

One thing Sadie and Maxx didn't care for other than the snow, is that February is the month that they have their annual check up at the vet's office.

Sadie went first and the vet said she is really looks good but she was due for a shot, the vet was really quick when giving her the shot and let her stand up on her back legs and give me a hug while she tried to hide her face in my hair.
Sadie said " Being held by me when she got her shot made the hole thing a little better ."

Maxx went second and is in good heath to but needed to get two shots, the vet let me hold her to when she got her shots.
Our vet was pleased to see Maxx's O.C.D. seems to be under control a bit to, although there is some signs on her belly that show she has been licking it to much, she still has a lot of fur left on it.
Usually Maxx starts to lick all the hair off her belly and back legs when the leaves start to fall off the trees and she usually get worse when she sees the snow falling.
Maxx says " She doesn't like see things falling from the sky."
But even with all the snow we have had, she still has hair on her belly, we thing having The Mo Man around is helping her with her O.C.D.
Mo says " he is happy to help."
Our vet said that usually a cat with O.C.D. doesn't do well when you bring another cat into the house, but Maxx seems to be doing better with Momo around.


  1. Hey Sadie Lady, Momo, & Max... I have really been missing you. Glad that you got your mom and dad all well again. What would they do without you???
    So... did you hear that I just got engaged to be MARRIED??? It just happened today!! Butt, I have been building up to asking them for weeks.
    BTW... just like you... they have had WhoWhoectomies!!! Whew... Of course I had the tutoring thingy too. Triple Whew!
    Glad you're back!!

  2. Sadie, Maxx, Momo Mom and Dad...oh my word...you all have had a time. I've been thinking about you everytime I hear about snow up your way....I cannot even imagine you you have coped. Great news on all the vet visits and that the humans might be on the way to recovery. I hope and pray your snow is over it will take until May for it all to melt.
    We are expecting about 1-3" which is nothing.
    Take care of yourselves and rest when you can.
    Madi and Mom

  3. Glad everyone is starting to fell better and yes the snow is melting. Here it is March already, before you know it the flowers will be peaking up at us!!

  4. Sorry you were sick... but I am happy to know you are feeling better now!
    I do the same when I go to the Vet. My mom holds me while he applies the shots!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  5. Hi Sadie...you Maxx and Momo had ice cream...yummy that looks very good. You have not missed my b-day it is actually tomorrow 3/11!!! However, in true Diva fashion I have been celebrating all week. HA!!!
    Mom said she was glad to hear you are doing well with your new harness it is definitely better for your back.
    We hope all the computer issues are solved now.
    Hugs Madi and Mom


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