Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wow What a Weekend

We had a great weekend.
Guess what we found in the back yard, its suppose to get a little colder this week but we don't care because we have found proof that spring is here.
Oh and more proof of spring we have also seen geese as they fly over head on their way north.

We had our usual weekend with the grandpawents and playing Jack on Saturday, but this weekend we did something a little different.
On Friday Sadie, her dad and I went to see a very close and dear friend of mine and her new little puppy.( Look how tiny she is)
The Puppy's name is Daphene and she is a four month old Chihuahua, she is suppose to have long hair but her hair hasn't grown in yet.
We already knew that us humans were friends and would get along fine because we had been friends for many years, but Sadie had never met little puppy Daphene before, so we decided that it would be best for them to meet outside on neutral ground.
And their meeting went great, Sadie now has a new little friend to play with, although we have to watch Sadie with Daphene a little more because she isn't used to being the big dog and could get a little to ruff.
Sadie said " She loved playing with little Daphene and had so much fun, but you sure do get tired chasing after a puppy."


  1. What a great weekend... a new friend and evidence of spring. Daphene is a darling little pooch. We are 100% sure Sadie will be a good role model for her too. We look forward to seeing more pictures of her.
    Finally you can see grass!!!
    Madi and Mom

  2. Daphene is sooooo tiny and cute. I am glad that you have a new furend Sadie. I am sure you were super careful with her.
    I have been seeing geese flying over my house too.

  3. OH how fun to play with an itsy bitsy chi puppy!!!

    xo martine & the kiddlets

  4. OMD! How much does she weigh? She is soo cute! It won't be too long and she'll be able to hold her own with Sadie.

    Riley and Star.

  5. Daphene is a cutie. She must be a cousin of ours! She is certainly a teensy one right now!

    Chihuahua kisses,
    The Munchkins

  6. Hi, Sadie!
    Sure it was pawesome to meet Daphne, right?
    I know you two will be very good friends!
    Kisses and hugs

  7. Hey Sadie! How you? Daphene is cute and I'm glad you got to make a new furiend! I am soooooo happy that spring is here. Those are pretty flowers, do you know what they are?
    I sure miss you girlie! Mom says things just get busy sometime and the humans aren't able to help with blogging as much. Ummm....I thought we were the most important things to them! So how could the be doing anything but helping us blog? I think I will have to have a talk with my momma.
    Good to see you!

  8. What a cutie Daphene is.
    We haven't seen any flowers yet.
    Love Ruby & Penny


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