Monday, November 9, 2009

The Leaves are Gone

The leaves are almost all gone off the trees.
They are all over the ground now and Sadie just loves to play in them.
But the leaves in our back yard were getting kinda out of hand.
When Sadie would run through the leaves, they were almost up to her shoulders.
So Sadie told her dad about this problem and then put him to work raking all the leaves up .
She had a lot of fun running and playing in the leaves while he was hard at work raking, but then she also had to snooperivse to.


  1. Sadie is so cute.. hahhahaa.. kinda like playing hide and seek in the leaves.. Her coat is very shiny!

  2. YUP ! It only takes a layer of leaves about 2 inches deep to reach our magnificent shoulders. Let's not even talk about how short the grass needs to be in order for us not to be "tickled when we tinkle" hehehe
    Are you going to write up your ADOPTION story to post on Thanksgiving day??? I hope you do. I would love to read it.

  3. That looks like a lot of fun! We would like to burrow in the leaves with you!

  4. Hi, Sadie!
    Sure you had lots of fun playing on the leaves!
    Looks like hard work for your Dad!
    Kisses and hugs

  5. Sadie what a darling video!!! You look very gorgeous surrounded by the golden leaves.


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