Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Thankful Thanksgiving

Our friend Frankie asked all of his blogger buddies to post about what they are thankful for on Thanksgiving.
So here we go.

Sadie doesn't really have a rescue story, she came to us from a pet store, but what makes this pet store so different is that the owners only get the puppies and kittens from breeders they personally know and about 99% of them are local breeders.
When Sadie was in the store she wasn't even kept in a kennel, she was in a wooden box ( kinda like a whelping pen) that she shared with a little Rat Tearier pup.

When we brought Sadie home she had a little kennel cough and our vet wasn't available at that time, so we took her to his associate, but by the time we where able to get in with our vet Sadie had developed pneumonia.
After we got her to our vet, she had some chest X-rays and about two weeks of antibiotics, and then she was the little dachshund pup that I wanted since I was a little girl.
I have always loved and admired the dachshund breed.
But that doesn't mean Sadie doesn't have things to be thankful for, like her dad and I, being healthy, her grandparents, her grandmar and uncles, her cousin Jack, Momo, Maxx, her blogging buddies, her Wubbas and toy and treats.
Sadie said " What she is most thankful for is a loving family. Oh and that she is going to be eating turkey today!"

Sadie said " she will let Momo tell you about his story, because he is a rescue."

When we met Momo he was in the ASPCA, they told us that all they knew about him was that he was born in a near by town to a mama cat who was a stray herself.
They said an older lady was feeding Mo, his brothers and his mama cat, until she though she should call the ASPCA to come and get them so the kittens could get help.
The ASPCA also told us that they had to put down about 500 cats and kitten, just in our local location, in the month of July.

We were actual there because we were thinking about adopting another kitten, but when we saw Momo we just fell in love with him and knew he would be coming home with us.
We had to wait a couple of days for him come home, because the ASPCA wanted to neutered him before he could come home.

Momo said " He is thankful for his home and loving family, Sadie, that he has toys now, and especially for the old lady that was feeding him and his brothers. She is an exceptional person and thank you for being so kind."

This video was taken went we where talking to the ASPCA lady about taking Momo home.
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
    Thanks for sharing your stories!
    You have very good reasons to be thankful for!
    Kisses and hugs

  2. I am not a rescue either, Sadie. That doesn't mean our parents don't love us as much or more than others...I like to think mine love me more ;o) I'm so happy we celebrate Thanksgiving so we take time to concentrate on those people and things that are important to us....YOU and your family are important to us. Thanks for being our furiend!


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