Monday, November 16, 2009

Today is Sadie's birthday !

Today is Sadie's birthday!!
She is a whole two years old today!!
And I thought I would share some puppy pictures with you.

And yes she is in a litter box in the picture above.
The night we brought Sadie home she first met Maxx, then her grandmar, and then she went to her grandparents house where she met Midnight and had to check out that strange box of litter.
It was cold outside when Sadie came to live with us, so even though she had a coat of her own she would jump on my and whine until I would pick her up and put her in the pocket of my jacket.
And you know what she still gets cold and wants to be picked up.
Keeping to true doxie behavior, even when Sadie was a little pup, she never missed a chance to snuggle especially with her dad.
A week after Sadie come to live with us, Jack came to live with me brother.
Jacks birthday was yesterday.
So Sadie and Jack are only a day apart in age and a week apart in getting to know each other.
And from the first time they met, even though they don't live together they have become pack members.

Sadie has had a big weekend celebrating her second birthday.
All she would say was "Happy birthday to me! "

Ever since I was a little girl I aways wanted a dachshund, and Sadie Girl is my first.
And the first two years have been great, I hope for many more!


  1. Happy Birthday, Sadie! I hope you have an extra-good day filled with hugs and kisses and toys and treats.

  2. Margie: Happy Birthday, Sadie. You are a sweetheart. May you have many, many more fun birthdays.
    Stay warm!

  3. Happy Birthday Sadie!
    Wishing you a wonderful rear filled with love, treats, toys and belly rubs!
    Love ya!
    (you look adorable next to your Daddy)

  4. Happy 2nd Birthday Sadie.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  5. Happy Birthday Sadie sweetie! Hope you have an amazing 'pawty' in store!
    Rachel, Demona, Sultan and Pandora

  6. Happy Birthday Shiny Coat Sadie :)

    Piper, Dommy & Brandy

  7. Woof! happy Pawday Sadie. Have lots FUN filled with lots of delicous treats and hugs & kisses. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  8. Happy Birthday, Sadie!
    I am sure you had a pawesome day!
    I love your puppy pictures!
    Kisses and hugs

    Happy Birthday to Jack too!

  9. SADIE HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET GIRL!!!! Two years old and beautiful!!! We hope you had a wonderful day. Your sweet baby pictures brought back lots of memories of our sweet little Toto.
    He too was very tiny when we brought him home.
    You and your peeps are lucky your found each other. Big Meow and kitty lick...
    PS...Madi enjoyed your 'burp' comment on her blog. We both lol!!!
    Madi and Mom

  10. Hi! Greetings from Terengganu, Malaysia.

    All my Meow cats and I like to wish Sadie a very Happy Birthday and hope it has a beautiful long and healthy and happy life!

    Love and hugzzz from us here in Malaysia


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