Thursday, November 12, 2009

Momo got a Wubba of His Own

Everybody that reads our blog regularly know that one of Sadie favorite toys is her Wubba.
Momo plays a lot with Sadie's Wubba.
Momo even plays with Maxx's cat Wubba that is on a string.
So we got Momo a Wubba of his own.
Momo loved his Wubba, he would pounce on it, toss it up in the air, carry it in his mouth and then pounce on it again.
He had so much fun with he own Wubba.
Sadie and Momo would even trade their Wubbas.
But now its gone, Sadie chewed a little to much on Mo's Wubba and chewed it apart.
Momo Said " But that was my Wubba, it had a bell and some catnip in it."
And Saide said " She was really sorry and Momo can play with her (when she isn't playing with it) until she saves enough of her allowance to buy him a new one."


  1. Aww poor Momo. We are picturing his disappointed kitten face. Hope Sadie can get him a new one soon.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  2. Momo, Sadie Lady needs to think before she chews. You should remind her that Christmas is coming and she may get ACORNS in her stocking if she isn't careful.

  3. Momo you should remind Sadie Lady that she should think before she chews.

  4. Sadie, it is very nice of you to offer to use your allowance to buy a new Wubba for Momo.

  5. Momo is precious!!! The Wubba is nearly as big as he is. Too cute. Everyone have a good weekend.
    Madi and Mom


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