Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bath Time

Sadie absolutely hates to get a bath, from time she was just a pup. (she hates it even when you say the word) She is always trying to find a quick way to escape, and not get a bath. But after all the playing she likes to take some time to lay in the sun (usually in the dirt) and then she starts to smell like a foot. (she doesn't mind it I guess) After she gets in the tub and figures out she can't escape and she has to take her bath, she starts to shake until its over. ( that's when I get wet to) Sadie mutters through this just like every dog has to. ( don't most dog hate to get a bath) But once the shampoo goes on and I lather her up (she likes this part) its half over. I try to keep bath time short, because I know she hates it so, and I get pretty wet a lot of the time too. But when its over she likes it when I wrap her up in a towel and hold her until she forgets all about the bath she just had, until the next time. ( the word bath is a bad word to say around here)
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  1. Sadie, you are such a cutie! I don't like baths either. I have another doxie friend that loves baths...Her name is Lorenza. If you haven't met her you can find her listed in my blogroll. Speaking of blogroll, I am going to add you to my "More Wiener Dog Blogs" one.
    Love and hugs,

  2. Baths... smatthsssss! I hate baths too and I pretend that my back legs are paralized and hide my head in the corne and wont look at my mom. She quickly figured out that my leg thing was a fake and that I wasn't hurt... but for a while I had her tricked!

    Keep up the good work and give them hell when they wan to clean you up!

    xo sugar & martine


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