Sunday, July 5, 2009

Saturday Adventures with Mr Chippy

This Saturday was the 4th (I hope everyone had a good time) so our visit at my parent was also our 4 of July celebration, with the usual hot dog and hamburgers, Sadie had her own company though. Over the past few months Sadie has made a few new Friends. It started with a one chipmunk and now has grown to what seems to be a family of chippies. My parent don't have a fence around their yard, so Sadie and Jack have to stay on their leashes, and when Sadie is outside the chippies all seem to play a game with her. The chippies, it seems will all take turns running a round Sadie, then one by one they will all try to see how close they can get to her. Sometimes Sadie really get involved in the game to by chasing them , but I try to keep some distance between the chipmunks and her because I don't want the chippies to get hurt and I don't know if the chipmunks carry any diseases (they do live out side with no one to take care of them) .Sadie is up on all of her shots and even gets the vaccine for lime disease (you never know where a tick could be hiding) ,but prevention is the best medicine.

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