Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sadie has a New Passion

About a week ago we got a new TV,( because the other one broke) and Sadie has developed a new passion for it. She watched us as we connected all the cables and set it up (like she is making sure we do it right) and then settled down to watch some TV. Every morning when her daddy gets up, she cuddles up to watch some TV with him before he goes to work. I know the experts say dogs can only see certain colors and dachshunds are sent hounds anyway, but It seems like Sadie is really watching TV, maybe its that its HD and the picture is clearer, or maybe its just she wants to spend time with her daddy, but she seems to watch TV a lot more than she used to.
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  1. Oh my, that sounds wonderful catching a few minutes with your dad!!!

    xo sugar

  2. She was making sure you did everything right...we call it "snoopervising". I love to sit in my daddy's lap and watch tv too, especially if he is petting me!
    Love and hugs,


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