Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our Girl Boo

This is our girl Boo(named boo because she is so white) lives with my aunt and being close to my aunts I have become close to Boo as well. Sadie isn't quite sure what to think of Boo because she is so big compared to Sadie and she is also deaf. ( she is trained to respond to hand signals) Boo lives quite a normal life, and I say that because while I was looking for some information for this post I found a lot of myths and belief (about white boxers and white dogs) that's are not true. Just because a boxer pup is white doesn't mean that it will be deaf or unhealthy. (Boo is hard of hearing but very healthy) The only reason she is white is for the same reason you may have blond or brown hair. In Boo's case she was born hard of hearing or deaf, (her vet says deaf)so she doesn't know she is different and has had a happy life.

While I was gathering so information on white boxers, I come across some pretty harsh info like some breeders wold discard white boxer puppies because they are believed to be mean ,not true(Boo is very loving) they have health problems (a small percent may be deaf ) or that they can't be trained. (Boo is a very well trained with hand signs) and has a lot of personalty and isn't that what you would want in any dog? I found this link on myths and fact about white boxers from the Boxer Rescue Site.
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  1. Aww, Boo is such a beautiful dog! i like how you've dispelled the myths on boxers in general. I believe any animal treated with love will always be an excellent pet! Great page you have about your Boo!

    I draw and write poems. Come chek out my site.


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