Friday, July 3, 2009

Day without Sadie

Yesterday my cousin graduated from McCann's school of business( con grads) and I left Sadie with my mother in law(who she loves). Sadie isn't left alone much, I take her with me every where I can , and when I can't take her, she usually stays with family (like my mother in law) till we get back. What makes this time so different was that due to travel time and other reasons I was gone for quite some time (about 5 hours)and I had never spent that much time away from her. Even though she was with someone she stays with all the time she still knew I was gone longer then normal, so she spent some time running around looking for me and wining a bit. Sadie loves spending time with my mother in law and there is usually no problem, but I guess this time was just to long. So knowing I would be away my husband called from work to check on her. When Sadie herd his voice(he was on speaker phone)she perked up, but couldn't figure out why she could hear him but couldn't see him, she calmed down after hearing from him and took a nap till I got back, but it was a long time for me to. I guess the bonds we build with our animal are more then some people think.(I missed her very much too) Maxx on the other hand doesn't seem to mind so much, she takes her cat naps and amuses herself till I get back then she comes to get her loves. I know Sadie has separation issues, but then again so do I.
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