Monday, July 13, 2009

Jack Came for a SleepOver

Jack's dad went away for the weekend, so when we went to my parent's house on Saturday Jack come for a sleepover.
After playing together all day on Saturday I thought the dogs would be pretty tired and go to sleep early, but they still played quite a bit especially Jack. He was away from his usual routine and was full of energy.
He played with Sadie's toys for a while, (while Sadie napped) And even played while with Maxx after she taunted him to join in a of you chase me and I'll chase you.(Sadie and Maxx play this game a lot) I think Jack did really well considering he doesn't live with a cat. So then on Sunday we took the dog to the backyard to play Jack loves him some ball. While Sadie visited with her friends next store.
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