Monday, August 3, 2009

A New Litter Box for Maxx

Over the weekend we had to get a new litter box for Maxx. She has had an automated litter box for years, so for Maxx its nothing new. I know that cats prefer to go in a clean litter box, but Maxx has O.C.D,(obsessive compulsive disorder) which means for her, when things are different and out of the ordinary she gets a little stressed out. Like when the old litter box wasn't working right, Maxx would only go to the bathroom once or twice a day.(I know this, because I had to keep it clean) Our vet told us a few years a go, that Maxx had O.C.D .So since it is a mild case and she doesn't have to take medication for it yet, we decided that we would do little extra things for her (like the automated litter box) to keep her happy. And anyway some of Maxx's quirks are cute. Like how she likes to wear stuff like her little tie. She also is very picky about how she drinks too, Maxx will only drink bottled water from their pet water fountain,(she shares it with Sadie) and she tastes it like a fine wine taster before she takes a drink. But anyway she gave us a thumbs up on the new litter box!
( doesn't she look cute in her tie)


  1. Yes, she looks so cute!
    Kisses and hugs

  2. She is very cute. Mom said she didn't know pets got OCD too. Sadie, you taught my Mom something! You are one smart cookie.

  3. she cute,unfortunately my wife doesnt like cat.


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