Sunday, August 23, 2009

Two Doxies

Yeah,we saw Jack this weekend! In fact he is still here. My brother and his wife went on a day trip today, so Jack came for a sleep over again. Sadie was so excited to see him! We had a night of nonstop playing! I didn't get many photos because, I spent a lot of time playing with them. It was so fun, by the time bed time came,Sadie and Jack were so tired out, the both got in there kennels and fell right to sleep.( this is a big deal, because Jack doesn't sleep in his kennel when he is at home.) Jack was up early to go out, but when I brought him back in, I let Sadie out of her kennel(she likes to snuggle on the bed when she gets up.)and I had two doxies playing and snuggling on the bed. We are so happy so see Jack again, we miss him when he's not around and Sadie says she wants him to stay forever. Oh, and Maxx even Joined in the fun and games and played awhile with the two dogs!


  1. I'm so glad you were able to see Jack this weekend...and for a sleepover too! I can imagine how happy your parents were having two doxies in their bed! Heaven!

  2. So fantastic for you,
    did you have played together :)))
    I hope you have fun today with Jack !!!

  3. Hi, Sadie!
    I am sure you two had a pawesome time together!
    Kisses and hugs

  4. Two doxies are always more fun than one! :)

  5. Morning Sadie so good to see you and Jack this morning. I know you must have had a grand time with him this weekend playing and running and just doing things only Doxies do.
    Madi and Mom


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