Friday, August 7, 2009

The Wubba Blues

We have the Wubba blues! First I want to say that Sadie plays with all of her toys even the older ones, but her Wubba is one of her favorite. I had to get rid of her Wubba this week, because she destroyed it. Ever time I would take her Wubba, she would jump up and take it out of my hand. I finally waited until she was in her kennel for the night to get rid of it, but she is still looking for it. So this weekend we are going to Take Sadie shopping for a new Wubba.
(Poor old Friend Wubba)


  1. Hi, Sadie!
    Looks like that Wubba blue was your favorite!
    I hope you get a new one soon!
    Kisses and hugs

  2. AWW!! We had a wooba as well, but cappy didnt like it - hes VERY picky about his toys. We ended up giving the Wooba to my mom's new puppy.. but i thought those things were supposed to be indestructable! lol

    My pooch loves his large stuffed bone thing.. he uses it like a pillow and then kills it.

  3. A dogs favorite toy is always very important. My do didn't have one particular favorite but she just loved tennis balls. I always kept a few for her, and I still keep her last one to remember her.


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