Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Pawsome Award

Oh Boy !
Sadie and Maxx must have been good this week because we got nominated for a second award this week.
Our friend Martine and her cute little puppies at I Need A Sugar Fix tagged us back with this award.
Thank you and those cute puppies too!
The rules are : tag five people that post to their blog at least once a week.
We are going to break the rules though and just tag a couple of friends.
We wold like to tag Madi back for her tag.
And we wold like to tag our good friend and fellow dachshund Lorenza.
Thanks for the awards this week, we had fun.


  1. thanks Sadie,
    we love the awsome pawsome award....we'll pass it on over the weekend. Tomorrow we have a special post planned to honor our humans sister's b-day...Give Maxx a snuggle for us too.

  2. Sadie don't forget. When I get my puppy I am coming over to play. You can teach the puppy good manners.

  3. wow! congrats Sadie :) 2 award in a week is too great for a doggie :D

  4. Hi, Sadie!
    Congratulations on your Award and thanks for giving it to me!
    Kisses and hugs

  5. Congratulations...very sweet!

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  7. Hi Sadie....thanks for your sweet wishes to my sis...She'll be home next weekend I'll pass on your the wishes.


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