Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Repiaring Toys

As I said before , Sadie has a few favorite toys that she really likes to play with, and you can always tell those ones.
We call this one her surgery monkey, because when we had Sadie spayed, we got this for her as a present that was waiting for her when she came home form the vet. Sadie had never spent a night away from us before.(at least after she came to live with us)
If you look closely at the picture, you can see that I have to do a lot of repairs to it. In fact I just got done sewing it now. I try to do this with all of her favorite toys, because when I go back to the store to get her a replacement, I can never find one. I'm not every good at the sewing thing, but Sadie doesn't mind, my work may not be pretty, but at least she has her favorite toys back.


  1. Sadie's monkey is very well loved!

  2. Hi, Sadie!
    Sure you have given lots of love to your monkey!
    I have two toys that are my favorite and they have had lots of surgeries too!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Sadie how cute....this story reminds me of the Pet Smart commercial with the mini dachshund. His human is taking him to the store to replace his favorite toy Bobo (I believe that is what it is called). The dachshund comes prancing out of the store with a new Bobo that is nearly as big as he is. Surgery monkey is very cute and looks loved. Madi and Mom

  4. Sadie, you are lucky your mom does that for you. My mom would buy new ones (if she could find them) but I didn't like the new ones...ever. I always wanted my old one back!

  5. We do the same with our pooch's toys.. One thing to be careful is the thread.. if it comes loose, they can swallow it and get REALLY REALLY sick..thread is one of the worse things a dog could swallow because it can get stuck in the stomach but part of it can make it down their digestive tract.. so half is in the stomache and the other half is TRYING to get digested by the intestines and the intestines wrap up and around the string .. REALLY BAD!!

    Anyways.. I suggest that you use what is called upholstry thread. Its coated in a plastic to IF (god forbid) it is swallowed, its less likely to get stuck going down.. and its WAY HEAVY DUTY.. its almost impossible to break - I honestly dont know what dog toy makers dog make their toys out of that!

    MAybe i should start making power nubby toys with super thread (upholstry thread) and sell them from my blog


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