Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Strange Saturday

We went to my parent's house, just like any other Saturday.
But when we got there, what was left of the flowers looked like this.
Sadie Asked " Is that marshmallow on the flowers ?"
So Sadie did some snooper vising....
She said " It was cold and white and it didn't have much of a smell."
Then her paws started to get cold and she said said "It's SNOW??!!"
So we headed in the house where it was warm. (Sadie doesn't like when it is cold)
We do live in North East PA and do get snow, but not this early in the year.
That's what made it so strange.
After Jack got there and confirmed that the white stuff outside was really SNOW, it was play time.
Jack got up on the couch , he was looking all around.
Sadie discovered that Momo was playing a game of chance with Jack.
Jack was surprised to find Momo got better at the game of chase.

It snowed all day at my parent's house.
It snowed most of the weekend.
Its supposed to snow today.
The snow didn't stick to the roads, but it did build up on the trees and with the leaves still on the trees a lot of branches broke off the trees.

It's supposed to return to normal temperature latter in the week.
But it was still strange to see it snow so early in the year.


  1. Sadie Ladie, I know what that squirrel was up to...NO GOOD.
    Isn't snow just awful. It makes our delicate dachshund paws all cold and wet and miserable. BRRRRR. It is WAAAY too early for it anyway. What is up with this??? Where did that global warming thingy go????

  2. Arggg we don't like the snoes.

    Bobo and Meja

  3. I'll bet that's cold on the toesies!

  4. Hi, Sadie!
    Just looking at you walking on that snow made me want to go under covers!
    I don't like cold weather either!
    Kisses and hugs

  5. Sadie,
    I've never seen snow. It looks interesting.


  6. we had snow here Friday morning but it was gone by the afternoon. we are in northwestern pa. Duke LOVES the snow though, we do not share the same appreciation for it :)

  7. Hi Sadie, I woke up to snow today, too!!! I love licking the snow off the grass and my soccer ball!!! Looks like you had fun playing chase!! BOL!!!

    lotsa licks

  8. Woof! The weather is sure strange. What happen to FALL? Well, hope you had a great weekend snow. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  9. I am so glad we haven't gotten any of that yucky stuff here yet. Although, if it were marshmallows that would be a different story.... Sorry you had to deal with that girlfuriend.


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