Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween and Play Day 10/30/09

Tomorrow is Halloween and can you guess what Sadie's costume is?
Maxx and Momo are going to be chickens for Halloween.
They now refer to their house as the chicken coop .
Sadie was looking for the cats and asked" where are you cats?"and Momo popped up and said " No cats here, just chickens."
Maxx laughed so hard, her costume almost fell off.
Just in case you couldn't guess Sadie is going to be a hot dog ,a wiener,a sausage .
These are all names that we hear when Sadie goes out for a walk, so Sadie thought it would be a cute costume for her to wear for Halloween.
Sadie says " She just wants to go trick or treating."

If you want to add your link, feel free.
Have a good weekend and happy Halloween.


  1. That "chicken" makes me wonder where in the world the old saying,"scarse as hens teeth" would have come from.
    Sadie you look soooo cute in your costume. those two leggers will just... eat you up. hehehe

  2. Great costumes! Sadie, your hot dog costume is perfect. We love it. And the kitties as chickens? Priceless!

    Chihuahua kisses,
    The Munchkins

  3. Too cute. We love all the costumes.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  4. Cute as can be, love that Chicken theme. I grew up around chickens so I just LOVE them!

  5. Woof! COOL! Have a great time Sadie. Lots of Golden Halloween FUN. Woof! Sugar

  6. Pawesome costumes!
    Here everyone calls me Salchicha (sausage in spanish) and when my mom tells them Dachshund they say... "What?"... Hmmm...
    Have a happy and safe Halloween!
    Kisses and hugs

  7. Oh my, what adorable costumes! You all look fabulous!

  8. Hi Sadie, Maxx and Momo, it is me Madi Finally we can visit.
    I love your costumes. I hope you all had a good halloween with lots of treats and no tricks. Mom is especially impressed with the picture of the big yawn. This is a hard picture to capture. She has been trying to take a good picture of my YAWN forever. I either yawn right after a picture session or when the flashy box isn't nearby.
    Good Job. Madi and Mom

  9. Our cats done't like dress up--not even a scarf!

  10. Maxx so cute with his custom. Moreover, I like his smile. I think it is not easy picture to capture.

  11. Maxx is so cute cat. I like his custom with his laugh action. I think is not easy for you to capture this pics


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